Dear Glenn,

What can I say man? 

You're the one who taught me to "put big ideas in small places" and make every part of a song singable to connect with people on a deeper level. "When your audience can sing something, they can feel it" you told me and I treasure that moment and many others.

You bought me my first martini - and in James Bond style no less since Skyfall had just come out. Desipte liquor and swapping stories of life lessons we've had from women blurring things a bit, you never forget your first of anything and that night was definitely one to remember. 
We talked about the state of the world and what a mess we're leaving for those who follow us. Usually this meant the environment, but sometimes it was also the craft of songwriting. We talked about what we can do to try to fix things and how to enact positive change. 

Every day I quote your teachings, whether aloud or to myself. Every song I've written since you took me under your wing has had a piece of you in it: you're the voice in my head that tells me to "make a chorus I thought was good the verse and to write a better chorus" or to "keep it simple, stupid." You've been my music mentor - my songwriting shaman - and even though you may be gone, I will do my best to celebrate your memory, to "be a part of something good, leave something good behind." Thank you for taking the time to guide me. 

Forever your student,