Meet AJ Smith, student of Eagles legend Glenn Frey, as he spreads his wings with the release of Brooklyn Nights

(Brooklyn, NY) 2016’s Indie Music Scene has a fresh face in singer-songwriter AJ Smith with the exclusive streaming release of his latest EP, Brooklyn Nights. Produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Scott Jacoby, the 5-song collection is accompanied by a conceptual-based video of the title track that follows the twists and turns of a young relationship from first date to the last. Brooklyn Nights showcases the charm and introspection behind songwriting, drawing on the strengths of Smith's seasoned voice and encouraging a community of diverse music lovers to interconnect and feel the Brooklyn vibe.

Although a newcomer to many, Smith is by no means a novice to music and songwriting.  A multi-instrumentalist and classically trained violinist and pianist, he optioned to master the craft of songwriting, and is the first graduate of New York University’s Songwriting Masters Program and the Songwriters Hall of Fame Songwriting Scholar. He was also awarded the Carole Bayer Sager Scholarship for his talent while at NYU, and he has worked with and studied with songwriting greats including Eagles’ legend Glenn FreyRoseanne Cash, and Phil Galdston. Songwriting and composing is also in his blood, with composing family members including famed Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, and classical guitar great Leo Brouwer.  His first commercially released single, “Summertime”, co-written with Alex Forbes in 2013, was released and climbed to # 3 on the Australian charts.   

Despite pressure from industry execs, peers, and other artists to drop out of school and “learn on the road,” Smith believes that taking the time to master his craft in school was well worth it. Smith had the unique experience to meet and work closely with Eagles Legend Glenn Frey while at NYU. 

“Many people do not know Glenn was also a songwriting teacher”  says AJ.  "He had concerns about the future craft of songwriting and wanted to work with young songwriting students to make a difference, which is part of why he worked with a few of us at NYU in 2013.”  AJ’s music caught his ear, and Frey worked with him closely on several of his songs, and even had AJ open for the Eagles at the Beacon Theater in 2013. 

“Music is meant for connecting,” explained AJ Smith. “As Glenn once told me, 'When your audience can sing with you, they can feel with you.’ His sage advice provided the inspiration for Brooklyn Nights. If it compels someone to sing along, then I’ve touched a memory, emotion, or desire within that person.”

The Brooklyn Nights EP certainly connects on all levels with hard-hitting nostalgia, rebelliousness, emotion, and power. All five songs on the release sound like they’ve always been you’re your favorite, even on first listen. And they speak with such a passion that you can be confident Smith has a long and promising career ahead.