Review: "Drama" by AJ Smith

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Julia Hooper

December 2, 2022

Sometimes undying anger, rage and passion can fuse into an overpowering mix of emotions. AJ Smith perfectly captures this electrifying feeling in his new single, “Drama”. This fast-paced ballad has already received over 51k streams on Spotify alone. It is AJ's genius lyricism that makes this single truly stand out. Lyrics such as, "Next thing you know, you're screaming at the top of your lungs, how you're sick and tired bleeding for their love" really demonstrate AJ's ability to communicate emotions through song writing. He is able to beautifully craft a picture for audiences that allows them to imagine and relate to the song's narrative of losing yourself in anger after facing betrayal. Toxic relationships, whether romantic or not, are often full of false promises and wrongful manipulation. "Drama" is not only a fantastic song in terms of musical quality, but it also provides a story that will resonate with listeners and reassure them that their anger and rage, however difficult, are justified.

"Drama" is introduced with melodic instrumentation. The inclusion of beautiful guitar string noise nicely accompanies AJ's raspy voice. Likewise, the single features deep vocal distortions which add to the song's haunting sound. The addition of voice layering, helps display AJ's wide vocal range. He provides listeners with high-pitched, angelic vocal runs, contrasted by his low, rich belts. The song's catchy chorus makes audiences want to scream the passionate lyrics at the top of their lungs. AJ's powerful voice paired booming percussion bring an undeniable energy to the single.

Recently relocated from New York City to Nashville, AJ Smith is a pop artist with notes of rock and folk inspiration. He has stayed very busy this year, with the release of nine new songs, such as, “Grammy”, “Nobody” and “Better”. His biggest hit released this year, “We’re All Gonna Die” has amassed over 1.4 million streams on Spotify and its official music video has received 75k views on YouTube. In fact, AJ has earned over 139k monthly listeners on Spotify and his music has been featured on a few of the streaming service’s editorial playlists such as, “Retro Pop” and “Ready for the Day”. AJ performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show in April of this year and appeared on a cover feature as Performer Magazine’s Artist of the Month. He has gained much traction posting musical content on his TikTok, where he has 43.2k followers. Most recently, AJ has released three new Christmas songs in a collection titled, “Unorthodox Christmas”. The tracks include, “Rock the Night Away”, a punk-rock rendition of the classic “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Last Christmas” and “Naughty” which he describes as a steamy holiday single. AJ Smith’s beautiful vocals and talent for meaningful lyricism establish him as a rising star in the pop music scene.

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