AJ Smith Opens for Lindsey Stirling at Tysons Corner Center

Timeline DC


August 13, 2014

Last Friday’s concert was out of wristbands an hour after the mall opened, so you need to get there early! There were two performers on the marquee that night, AJ Smith & the Apollo as well as Lindsey Stirling.

AJ and his band really got the excitement level up early! He is a very talented musician providing the lead vocals for all the songs while playing the keyboards, guitar, or violin depending on the song. Singing his original compositions with so much energy really brought the crowd into the performance. His songwriting skill was on display giving us songs that are easy on the ear, but not so repetitive that they sound like they were spit out of a sequencer. There were changes in tempo, in counts, and they had nice vocal or instrumental pieces that kept your interest as the songs progressed.

His band also matched his effort with their energy and talent. It can be tough to really keep that level up for an entire set, but this band did it so well. The response from the crowd was amazing! The crowded plaza was clapping, dancing, and singing along by the end of their set. “Dragons in the Sky” has a singable vocal line that everyone was singing by the end! It was a great way to spend a beautiful Friday evening. There will be another concert this Friday, so check the Tysons Corner Center website for details!

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